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SFES Fall Seminar
Monterey, CA
November 3-5, 2017

Special Guest Dr. Larry Crowder

We are fortunate to have Dr. Larry Crowder as our dinner speaker. Dr. Crowder teaches at Stanford where he is the Ed Ricketts Provostial Professor in Marine Ecology and Conservation at the Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove.

For a more complete biography you can access his site at Stanford Profiles:

The title of his talk is “Ed Ricketts: College Dropout, Steinbeck Inspiration and Science Innovator”

Scientific Presentations

Tim Reust
Accident Science
Quantitative study of passenger vehicle braking performance during emergency application

Fernando Martinez
J2 Engineering
VBOX vs. Smart Phone: A comparison of inertial measurements

Parris Ward
Biodynamics Engineering
Can you believe it when you see it?
Forensic analysis of digital video from surveillance systems and cell phones

Eric Rossiter and Alex Blevan
Principia Engineering
Safety First: Using drones for scene surveying and simulation environments

Bernie Cuzzillo
Berkeley Research Company
A complex carbon monoxide fatality
Part One
The other toxic shock syndrome: Combustion-driven pressure waves in modern vent pipes

Ralph Crawford
1. Why don’t they call me before the fire starts? (Beware of what you ask for)
2. Working with a client who fails to provide all the facts

Tom Ayres
Emergency vehicles: Another reason to ride a bike

Paul Jacobs and Michael Mayda
Title to be announced

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