Our History:

The purpose of the Society is to share forensic technical and business information, and to actively assist in upgrading the standards of the profession.

AN ORGANIZATION was formed on November 19, 1980 at the Crow Canyon Country Club in San Ramon, California, by the unanimous vote of those present. The new organization was named the Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists. Dr. William Blythe became the first President, with Mr. J. Michael Stephenson acting as Vice-President. Mr. Edwin E. Dean was made Secretary-Treasurer.

The purpose of the Society was to share forensic technical and business information, and to actively assist in upgrading the standards of the profession. The Society was intended to be exclusive and professional. The membership was restricted to qualified professionals, voted upon by the membership. No student or associate membership was allowed.

The Society structure was an Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. These individuals served for a time period specified by the society constitution. The Executive Committee was responsible for establishing other committees and their terms, calling meetings, presiding at meetings, and establishing communication with the members.

A Constitution and Bylaws Committee was formed to develop a constitution to be presented for adoption by the membership, including the scope of the organization, details of the organizational structure, and requirements and procedures for membership. An Ethics and Membership Committee was formed to receive and process membership applications, set membership dues, establish ethics for the membership, and monitor member ethics.

The establishment of a corporation known as The Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists began with four forensic science professionals acting as ad hoc directors, who prepared a plan for incorporation, including a set of Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. Incorporation was executed in 1996. It was also established as a not-for-profit corporation that same year.

On January 4, 1997 Dr. Robert N. Anderson, Mr. Lowell W. Bradford and Mr. William R. Neuman met in Sacramento, California as a quorum of Directors in the first meeting of The Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists. At this meeting Bylaws were presented and adopted as Bylaws of the Society. The Directors elected the Officers of the corporation. By unanimous vote, Dr. Robert A. Anderson became President, with Mr. Lowell W. Bradford as Vice-President. Mr. William R. Neuman was made Secretary, and Mr. R. Renwick Hart was installed as Treasurer. Mr. William R. Neuman presented a proposed form of Seal of the Society, which was adopted. Additionally, the principal office of the Society was in Sacramento, California. These Officers acted upon and resolved matters of finance, banking, and membership for the corporation.

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