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We welcome qualified professionals to join the Society. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact out membership chairman, Tom Ayers to initiate an application.

Eligibility for Membership

SFES membership is limited to persons possessing appropriate education, training, experience, knowledge, and character. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, individuals in the following two categories, who meet the stated criteria, are eligible to be considered for membership in the Society:

Engineering or Science Degree Holders:

  1. Hold an earned, advanced degree in engineering or science from an accredited college or university program:
  2. Have been actively engaged, for a significant period of time, in the application of their area(s) of engineering or science in matters before courts of law or related proceedings:
  3. Have demonstrated competent and professional conduct in all their area(s) of expertise:
  4. Perform their work objectively and ethically:
  5. Provide recognized, expert testimony within the judicial system.

Technical Experts:

Are individuals who (1) possess exceptional qualifications (2) have many years of experience in their area of expertise (3) perform self-directed work requiring a college-level degree or its equivalent, in technical, engineering, or science (4) demonstrate full knowledge of the laws of science applied to their area of expertise:

Meet the requirements of Items 3 through 5

Classes of Memberships

Emeritus Member

Qualification for Membership

When used herein, “member” shall imply any Membership classification under the following definitions:

Member – member who qualifies in accordance with ARTICLE III, Section 4.
Emeritus Member – a member who is retired from professional practice, has completed five years as a member and who applies for EMERITUS status.

Application Requirements

Applicant seeking membership are required to complete Application procedures established by the BOARD and pay the application fee. The procedures and fee amount shall be available in writing to applicants.
At the completion of the procedures applicants accepted by the BOARD shall be approved as a MEMBER by two-thirds of the members who vote by mail ballot, and pay prorated dues based upon the remaining fiscal year.

Membership Questions?

If you have membership questions or wish to apply for new membership, please submit an inquiry here.

Membership in SFES is contingent on good standing in accordance with the organization’s Bylaws and Code of Ethics. Membership is limited to persons possessing appropriate education, training, experience, knowledge, and character. See eligibility requirements under Bylaws. To apply for new membership, please contact us above.