The name of this organization is THE SOCIETY OF FORENSIC ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS, herein referred to as SFES or the Society. It is incorporated as a non-profit Corporation in the State of California.

The organization is formed exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes; and to improve and elevate the quality, integrity and public image of the practice of forensic engineering and related sciences within the meaning of Section 501(c)3, Internal Revenue Code of 1954. To accomplish these purposes, the members of this Society pledge themselves to the following objective:

2.1  To promote, encourage and maintain the highest possible professional level of standards of practice and ethics in the field of forensic science.

2.2  To actively promote the exchange of information at the practitioner level in the western United States through the conduct of educational seminars.

2.3  Through discussion and demonstration, to stimulate experimental research and the review of new products that are related to the forensic science field, and to encourage the compilation for the membership of published experimental experience data of value in the forensic science fields, and to encourage the use of industry standards, improved testing procedures and methods of presentation of conclusions.

2.4  To promote recognition among scientific, engineering, and legal professions of the practice of forensic engineering and related sciences as an important phase of jurisprudence.

2.5  To promote excellence among forensic science professionals.

2.6  To encourage qualifications and standards of practice for professional engineers and scientists who practice forensic engineering and related forensic science discipline.

2.7  To disseminate information to the legal profession concerning qualifications for consultants in engineering and related forensic science disciplines.

2.8  To encourage the recognition of this Society and its purposes among other societies and community organizations.

2.9  To lend assistance, whenever possible, in the formulation of college curricula and law enforcement programs that are pertinent to forensic engineering and related sciences.

2.10  To promote professional ethics to forensic engineers and scientists among members of the Society.

2.11  To work in unison with national and international professional societies in the fields of forensic engineering and sciences common purposes.

The Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists